Friday, July 28, 2006

WHAT THE......?!??!?!?

Although I hardly ever blog about fast food on Tuna Toast, I just had to share this with you after my sister gave me the info. She was at the mall the other day and discovered this new stand in the food court. She went, she saw, she was stunned, then went home and sent me the link in an email with the subject "Weird!" Of course I quickly opened it up to discover (drum roll please............) CripsyCones!

No, my dear readers, CrispyCones is not a new ice cream company. I'm not exactly sure what to say about it so I'll quote their website:

CrispyCones will forever change the way we look at meals on the go, with a new, fun alternative to traditional fast food. Made with nutritious ingredients and delivered in a smart drip-free cone that complements the delicious flavors of the food, the Crispy Cone lets you enjoy your favorite foods in a modern and environmentally-smart new way.

Spill-free, nutritious, and full of rich flavors, the Crispy Cone is the perfect portable food when you’re looking for a great, healthy, convenient meal on the go.

There are pizza cones, BBQ "Chicones" (get it? Chicken + Cone = CHICONE!!), Porcone (yes, that would be pork in a cone), egg cones, salad cones and the ever-so-delicious sounding Meatballscone. Now is that a meatball in a scone or meatballs in a cone? I'm guessing it's the latter. I've always wanted my pizza and my eggs to be "spill-free!!" Dreams do come true........

Ok now, I guess I shouldn't knock it til I try it, but why-oh-why must we take everything good and make it faster, easier and spill-proof? Cones were meant for ice cream or else some enterprising young mother would have packed tuna fish cones instead of tuna fish sandwiches in her kids lunchbox, don't you think? Haven't wraps taken care of the whole spillage problem already?

I'm afraid, as much as I pride myself on being open-minded, that I can't possibly waste $4.00 or whatever it costs to try one of these things. I'm also not sure how putting pizza fillings in a crispy cone could possibly be nutritious.

If any of you are brave enough, please report back. You know- next time your sweetheart says, "What do you feel like eating for dinner?" just reply with "I'm really feeling like a Chicone Teriyaki and then maybe a Smorescone for dessert."



carlyn said...

Interesting cones!!??? I've never seen such a thing, but, I can't say that I'm surprised!! ha ha.
Our food culture is scary sometimes. Are the cones sweet? argh......

eatdrinknbmerry said...

That looks like something you'd see on a Saturday at Costco. I can see the lady in the plastic hairnet microwaving these things cutting up samples. People marveling at the cone-shaped oddness. I would imagine they taste like bagel bites.

elmomonster said...

That actually looks wierd enough to eat if not for anything else but to say you've eaten one.

YOU: "Yeah, I had a chicken cone today."

SOMEONE ELSE: "I'm sorry what?"

Anonymous said...

Interesting!! From your friends at