Friday, March 16, 2007

Refrigerator Supper

What, you say? No, I didn't eat my refrigerator for dinner. I'm talking about those days when you get home from work, you're cooking for one, and therefore you don't feel much like cooking. Thoughts of grabbing a burrito race through your head. "Oh! The corner place has pizza by the slice!" But then you see all of the stuff you purchased last weekend at the grocery store, and you know you should just use what you have. Now what? Hmmmm, I see corn tortillas but no salsa. There are a few stray veggies you have to eat before they go bad, a carton of eggs, Trader Joe's Eggplant Hummus (a constant presence)........"Mmmm, a sandwich would be great" but alas, no lunchmeat! Not even a can of TUNA in the pantry (yes, even Tuna Toast runs out of tuna)!

You start hearing echoes of your mom's voice...."Don't stand there with the refrigerator open!!!" and you know you have to make a decision. Upon inspection of the freezer, I find a bag of Trader Joe's Grilled Chicken Strips. "Ok, that could be the meat in my sandwich." Right next to them lie a few honey-wheat hamburger buns that J must have bought and tossed in the freezer. A peek into my pantry resulted in a can of cannellini beans, and I actually started to feel inspired. I can do this, I think to myself as my cat Cory is just hoping there's a can of cat food in there somewhere.

After a few minutes, I had dinner- a chicken and hummus sandwich on a whole wheat bun, a side of Kashi crackers w/ hummus (hey, I like hummus ok?) and a salad of greens, roasted beets, cannellini beans and shaved parmesan. Before you wonder where I had time to roast beets, I'll let you in on one of the best newish products at Trader Joe's- baby steamed beets. Vacuum packed, perfectly round, sweet and tender beets found in the fresh veggie aisle. They're awesome, and turn your everyday salad into something special. If you haven't tried them, I insist you do. They were formerly "Melissa's" brand, but TJ's often buys the product and makes it their own, as in this case and with the steamed lentils, another fantastic product.

I sat down with my sandwich/salad meal, turned on channel 13 to watch repeats of That 70's Show and enjoyed. Definitely better than takeout!


Chubbypanda said...

Looks good. I get the most creative when I'm trying to think up ways to use leftovers.

BoLA said...

Ah... you're so good! I usually look and look in the fridge, and nothing comes to mind. It's even worse when I'm at MS' - there's usually something expired, some hot sauce, and maybe some processed cheese in his fridge. LOL! I'll have to check those beets out! Thanks for the tip! ;)

red sun said...

i love how you go through the thought process of searching for a meal from your random food stock. it's all-too-common, and inspiring that you've made something healthy out of it!

Food Marathon said...

Got any recipes for my fridge: beer-of-the-month-club beer, water, many varieties of mustard, week-old birthday cake and carrots.

Pirikara said...

Ahh yes, using your resources! I love doing that too. Though sometimes I forget to check the expiration date. =(

susan said...

i should eat more healthily like you!

food marathon: beer braised beef with carrots & a side of mustard-herb sauce? week old cake trifle soaked with rum & layered with fresh berries & sweetened cream?