Friday, August 21, 2009

Non-Dairy Salmon & Corn Chowder

I hadn't really planned to make this for supper the other night; I actually had something more along the lines of a grilled salmon with a side of veg on my mind but as the day wore on it just didn't appeal to me. I knew I had the frozen salmon thawing in the fridge, plus a drawer full of veggies that I'd bought at the Larchmont Farmer's Market, but I felt.......uninspired.

Once I started to take a mental inventory of what vegetables I had, however, I started to put it all together and came up with this chowder. I'd purchased three ears of sweet corn, a bag of white onions, some really nice asparagus and had leftover basil, thyme and chives. The idea of a salmon and corn chowder hit me, and after a pit stop for two yukon gold potatoes and a pint of Silk soy milk, I was off to the races.

Basically I started this soup as I do with most others I make- sauteeing a mirepoix in a bit of olive oil before adding the corn which I cut off the cob. After the corn cooked a bit, I took about 1 1/2 cups of the vegetables and blitzed it in a blender along with about a cup of soy milk. After adding low sodium chicken broth to the remaining veg in my pot, I swirled in the corn/soy milk mixture- this thickens the soup and adds a creamy consistency without dairy. Not that i have anything against good, fresh cream, but shoveling large spoonfuls into my mouth is not something I should do too often. Sound fun though, doesn't it? After bringing the soup to a simmer I added the potatoes and let them cook, then added the herbs, asparagus, chives and green onion at the end. Right before serving, I folded in the salmon which I'd seasoned with salt and pepper, roasted for 10 minutes and flaked with a fork. Dinnah is served!

A sourdough baguette and chopped salad was all we needed to make a meal out of this....oh, and a bottle of rosé, of course! Wine always makes the meal.........or sometimes, IS the meal....but that's a whole other blog post........

TGIF, and have a great weekend!


Diana said...

This looks heavenly. I'm a big fan of summer soups -- with so many great veggies in season, you can come up with some really great flavors. I think you nailed it with this one!

Cafe Pasadena said...

You are either a prof cook or a prof food ladyshutterbug!

Nanciful said...

That is a great dinner! I wish I am as swifty as you with my food inventory. :(

Anonymous said...