Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another Japanese-style dinner

Last night I made another Japanese-style dinner that came out pretty well, although I completely screwed up the tofu. How? I just bought the wrong kind. My Japanese reading skills leave a LOT to be desired, and I couldn't read the package when I bought it but it looked like your standard firm tofu. Firm was an understatement. It was so dense and heavy I could have used it as a weapon. Well ok, maybe not THAT dense but it was definitely not made for hiya yakko (cold tofu w/ ginger, green onions, bonito flakes and soy sauce). I saved the rest of it to make some sort of patty from- maybe I will combine it with some shrimp or canned salmon for later this week.

Anyway, here are the photos from last night. I should probably start using different plates since all of my dinners are beginning to look the same!
The aforementioned hiya yakko

Leftover tori dango to kabu

Sauteed zucchini

Buta kimchee (pork with kimchee)


shaz said...

i see you are returning to your jap roots! great!

Ashley said...

Pork with kimchee, those are like my two favorite foodstuffs...together!