Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dinner for One #3: Chicken with Whipped Egg Soufflé and Garden Greens

Sounds delightful, no?

I know I made a commitment to stay busy in the kitchen in spite of the fact that I'm basically cooking for myself for the next two weeks, but let's get real.

This lovely supper was not for me, but for my sidekick, Cory. My little (ok, not so little) Ms. Cory turns her nose up at most canned cat food (taking one bite and then leaving it), most people food and has never touched a drop of milk in her life. The only thing she consistently tries to get at are my salty, crunchy snacks. She absolutely loves osembe, crackers or chips of any kind. She also loves the smell of chocolate even though we can't feed her any. When I got a coupon for this new line of gourmet flavors from Fancy Feast, I was wary but wanted to see if this would be something that Cory would like.

Fuzzy photo of the can

Judging by the way she wolfed it down, I'd say she definitely has gourmet taste!

Mmmmmm, chicken with whipped egg soufflé and garden like!

PS- Mom and Papa- don't worry, I don't usually use this bowl to feed Cory in.....(dear reader: the bowl is one of two that my parents got me for Christmas and they are handmade). When downloading these photos I was horrified to realize that you must think I've retired the less-than-year-old bowls to Cory! Not was simply a momentary lapse of reason........

An ad for Fancy Feast?

I ended up eating leftovers last night and will go out with my sister tonight I have nothing new to blog about in terms of people food. I plan to stay committed to cooking for one, but a girl can't turn down an invitation to dine at a beautifully fine restaurant now, can she?!

Until next time..........


roxan said...

your cupcakes from the previous entry look deeeeeeelicious! i get lazy about muffins because i end up getting the batter everywhere.

carlyn said...

..lucky cat....when I first saw that particular brand of cat food advertised on television, I thought it was people food....

Sera said...

That's so cute! ^__^

My cat wolfs down just about's amazing...she just lovers her canned food.

As for the title of the gourmet cat food, I don't see why that *couldn't* be dinner for you! :P Too laborious for just youself?