Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hello Autumn: Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Mini Muffins

When I found this recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake in an old issue of Bon Appetite a couple of years ago, I just sort of ignored it. I guess the combination of chocolate and pumpkin had never even entered into my mind nor did it seem particularly appealing. Two years ago, however, when a coworker asked for some sort of pumpkin/chocolate treat (whodathunkit?), I remembered the recipe and whipped up a batch. The results? A super-moist, not-too-sweet and delicious cake that I've been making ever since. Who knew that the warm spiciness of pumpkin and the sharp bittersweet chocolate would be such a match made in heaven??

The pumpkin goes in the batter

Since it's much easier to pass around individual serving sizes, I decided to make this recipe into many mini muffins instead of one loaf cake. For the last two Autumns, this being the third, I've made these to give to friends or coworkers to signal the arrival of the season. They are so easy to whip up, and the best part is the longer they sit, the moister they get! Well, maybe the chocolate chips and crunchy walnuts are the best part- and I'm not usually a walnut fan- but they are a must in these muffins.

Nuts and chocolate join the mix...

If you'd like to make a loaf, just follow the recipe exactly. For mini muffins, bake for 14-16 minutes, making sure to check after 12 minutes since you literally want a toothpick to come out with moist crumbs on it. If a toothpick comes out perfectly clean, then your muffins (or any cake or loaf, for that matter) are overdone.

There's no denying that lovely Autumn feeling when the pumpkin, spice, nuts and chocolate in these muffins touches your taste buds!



Anonymous said...

Those look good. Will they be coming to a store near me? =;-P

themirthmobile said...

on first glance pumpkin and chocolate doesn't sound so great, but i think you've sold me on the combo! i'm gonna try these soon.

Tokyoastrogirl said...

Hi GT: Since I don't have a bevvy of little elves living in the tree in my backyard, I'm afriad these probably won't!

themirthmobile:Yes, I thought the same but found out that it's quite a popular combo! Hope you like these....they really are good.

jenjen said...

Pumpkin and chocolate, wow what an amazing combination. I bet they tasted wonderful.

peter kenneth said...

aww that's great !!! Wow!!