Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No, I Didn't Fall Off The Ends of the Earth.......

Things have been absolutely bonkers at work, thanks to the drunken escapades of some people I wouldn't mind never hearing about again. One night you go to bed with the knowledge that things are good, then you wake up to breaking news on your Crackberry about some young starlet boozing and driving. Great, I think. There goes my week.

One does have to eat, however, no matter what nutty thing is happening in the media. Unfortunately working late doesn't really give a girl a lot of time to make elaborate meals (or proper meals, for that matter) and I didn't think you'd want to see photos of a tuna sandwich or crackers with cheese.

I did manage to make a semi-decent meal the other night, thanks in large part to the art of rubbing down a large piece of meat with garlic, herbs and olive oil and promptly tossing it in the fridge for a day, and my trusty propane grill which cooks everything in no time flat. The lamb came out nice and just pink in the center, and, served with a couscous salad and green salad (hey- I like my salad ok?!) it made for a nice dinner on the patio.

I definitely need to get back in the kitchen since I start to feel a sort of emptiness when I don't cook enough, so I am hoping to have some better posts for you all soon! A company bbq on Friday may prove to be an interesting entry, depending on good the food is.

Let's hope nothing drastic happens overnight!

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