Monday, July 02, 2007

We Interrupt Our Mexico Reports for This Amazing Tomato Tart!!

I have more photos from Mexico but had to get this post in before the July 4th holiday. I'm sure many of you are planning some sort of bbq or picnic, and this tart is the perfect vegetarian main dish or side dish to whatever meat/fish you may be making. It'll be a hit with carnivores and veggies alike.

As frequent readers of this blog already know, I'm quite a fan of Heidi's fantastic blog, 101 Cookbooks, from which I got this recipe. The crust is a simple combination of whole wheat flour, white flour, parmesan and butter and the topping is tomatoes, basil and olive oil. It doesn't get much fresher than that! You can read about how draining the tomatoes a bit and putting them in the tart at the last minute keeps the crust nice and crispy.

Some grilled veggies to go with the tart....

A bit of grilled swordfish as well........

The sharp tang of the parmesan and the sweetness of the tomatoes (I got some gorgeous heirlooms at the Farmer's Market) is a perfect combination. Some purple basil makes for a nice contrast of colors as well. If you're going on a picnic you can always pack the crust and tomatoes separately, then assemble at the last minute. It'd also be a great accompaniment to some bbq'd chicken or grilled fish.

Hope you all have a happy July 4th!

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