Monday, November 21, 2005

There's more to life than sugar....

Grilled steak w/ red wine reduction, mashed cauliflower and steamed asparagus

I'm really a salt-tooth.....

You may think that I have a big 'ol sweet tooth judging by the first few entries in my blog. However, I am much more of a salt addict than anything else. If given the choice between chocolate cake or french fries, I'd almost always go for the latter. Anything that is salty & crunchy is my biggest weakness. Sun Chips are the greatest snack food ever invented. Wheat Thins comes a close second. I know those items aren't exactly gourmet, but I truly believe that whoever invented Sun Chips (particularly the French Onion flavor) is a genius.

The reason I bake so much is that it gives me an outlet for my creativity. Sometimes an idea will just come to me- it isn't because I necessarily feel like eating that item, it just......happens. Once I practically had an epiphany when all of a sudden I kept imagining this dessert made of macha spongecake layered with anko (sweet bean) whipped cream all covered in a white chocolate ganache and dusted with macha powder. I ran home and tried it- and miraculously, it just all came together....until the end. I had made the sheets of green spongecake, cut them into perfect rounds with a biscuit cutter, folded the thick anko paste in small batches into the whipped cream and started to assemble. I had a bag of white chocolate chips and used that to make the ganache, but the quality wasn't high enough and the ganache was way too thin. You could see the green and purple layers underneath. It looked more like something out of a Dr. Seuss book than the elegant dessert I had hoped for. Although I am inspired to make savory creations, the ghosts of pastry just speak to me in my dreams. OK, that was cheesy but you get the idea.

Anyway, I did spend a nice chunk of my Saturday baking cookies for the upcoming IMBB Sugar High Friday cookie swap event, but I don't want to post those just yet. Instead, I thought I would post a few savory dishes I have made in the recent past. Enjoy!

Paprika roasted chicken w/ vegetables

Linguini w/ seafood in a spicy tomato sauce

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