Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging

Even though I don't really think that indoor cats need baths, I had to give my little Cory (ok, she isn't so little but she'll always seem that way to me!) one. I made the preparations: closed all of the bedroom doors upstairs, got the towels on the bathroom floor, made sure the water would run warm from the start, and then went downstairs to grab my poor, unsuspecting cat. Earlier in the day, she plopped down next to me as usual, and I got a nice, big whiff of something that I'll only describe as being not-so-fresh smelling. It didn't take much investigating to figure out that the odor was coming from my cat. Since it'd been about, oh.....5 years since her last bath, I figured it was time. I felt so bad but hey- you can't have a stinky cat rubbing up against all of your furniture. And besides, everyone wants to feel squeaky clean and smell nice, right?

Let's just say that it was very traumatic for poor Cory. She hollered and made such frightening sounds that I had to close my bathroom windows for fear that my neighbors would think I was killing a boar or something. At least now she has another 5 years before the next bath!