Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Too Much Information Meme

Obachan, from Obachan's Kitchen & Balcony Garden tagged me for Too Much Information Meme. The idea is simply to make a list of 10 facts (funny, quirky, whatever) about yourself. I doubt this will interest anyone, but here goes! I am supposed to tag five people, so I will email some fellow bloggers- The Wednesday Chef, Cynthia/Food Migration, Joe/Culinary in the Desert, Santos/Taste of Green Bananas and Michèle/Oswego Tea (hope you all don't mind!). We'll see if this carries on into the food blog universe.

1) I could eat French Onion Sun Chips all the live long day (but I won't......I do have some dignity).

2) I brought my cat, Cory, back from Japan with me when I moved back to the USA in 2000. She has a short little tail that people always accuse me of cutting off (could you imagine??!?!) but a lot of Japanese cats have short, stubby tails and I have no interest in cutting off animal tails.

3) I love Elliott Smith, Elvis Costello (back when he was angry), The Like, The Pixies, Jesus and Mary Chain and many others. My love of music started with my parents' Abba records (who's didn't?!) and a Wham! Make It Big cassette I got for 11th birthday.

4) I've been to France, Italy, Canada, Mexico and Japan and feel that Vancouver BC and Nice, France are two of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I'd love to go to Croatia one day.

5) Although I could never narrow any one food to being my "favorite," I have a penchant for well-made sandwiches (tuna being a favorite), kohada sushi, gyoza with a crunchy bottom crust, bi bim bap (but it MUST be in the hot stone bowl or it's not bi bim bap to me!!), pappardelle w/ boar or lamb ragu, DORIA (a dish I miss so much- basically a rice casserole served at many cafes in Japan), thin crust margherita pizza, foie gras torchon w/ toast points, green beans, kumamoto oysters and criossants.

6) Liquids I love: Rochioli Pinot Noir (for special occassions), Lavazza coffee, Billecart Salmon brut champagne, mugicha (barley tea), green tea w/ jasmine, water and Vitamin Water in Revive (the purple one).

7) I have a sort of "missed the boat" mentality- I overthink things so much that I am still trying to decide whether to do something while an opportunity presents itself.....and then that opportunity is gone while I am still......thinking about it. A habit I'd like to break in 2006!!!

8) I'm completely addicted to cooking magazines (Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Cooking Light, Food & Wine) and cooking shows- Everyday Italian, Barefoot Contessa, Dave Lieberman, Michael Chirarello and Iron Chef. However, Giada's "crunchy, chewy, gooey and sweet!" adjective overdrive makes me batty and Michael will be off my list if he keeps calling cilantro "cilanTHRO." Ugh! The BEST cooking/food show on television is Dotchi No Ryori Show (translates into Which One Cooking Show). Japanese celebs have to sit in a kitchen studio while 2 MCs with 2 cooking teams make 2 different dishes- it's a battle of which dish wins. For example, last week was bi bim bap versus crab fried rice. Hungry celebs watch both chefs make the ULTIMATE version of both dishes, then must pick one dish by pushing a button while their eyes are closed. Majority wins and gets to eat. The losers just get to watch.

9) My husband is a musician.

10) I am an identical twin.


santos. said...

*sigh*. what i wouldn't give to have dotchi no ryori and yakitate on dvd....

Anonymous said...

i am so with you on #5 and #8... love giada but the little things she says...

obachan said...

Hey, you did it! :D
I enjoyed all the info. you posted about you. So great to hear that you love Dotchi no ryori show! I watched it last night. That always makes me hungry.

Just one thing: Can you take one "a" away from my name? I'm getting pretty close, but not yet there... ;)

Hiro said...

Love the Dotchi show. Chubo is a great Japanese cooking show as well.

Please feel free to check out my food blog site as well. I just put it up. Focuses on West LA food culture: http://westlafoodblog.blogspot.com