Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Have You Been To Greece and/or Lisbon?

I realize that this blog is mainly made up of my incessant yammerings on cooking, food and restaurants. Although I am fairly confident of my skills in the kitchen (and in a restaurant....eating, that is;) I write this post as a request for your advice and assistance.

You see, after falling absolutely head over heels in love with the French Riviera a couple of years ago, J and I have dreamt of a return to the lush, blue waters of the Mediterranean. However, we wanted to go someplace new while still being able to bask in the familiar sunshine that lit up every single day of our last trip. After much thought, we have our sights set on Greece and Lisbon, Portugal, sometime in late June or possibly early July. One of my coworkers went last year with his wife and seeing their photos made me melt. Nothing is set in stone yet, but the research has begun in earnest as I have my heart set on the long days and bright scents of that part of the world.

So, I reach out to you for any insights, advice, must-see happenings, restaurant recommendations, lodging favorites and any other tidbit that will inch us closer to a well-planned-yet-adventurous trip. We'd like to visit two destinations in Greece plus Lisbon....which two Grecian islands have yet to be decided although we're leaning toward Athens and Santorini. I have to admit, I'm a city-girl at heart, so I can't imagine a maiden voyage to Greece without a stop in Athens.

I ask now, humbly, for whatever suggestions you can offer. And thanks in advance;)



CM said...

Me again! Greece is one of my favorite places to visit. Santorini is lovely - the sunset in Oia is amazing... but many parts are packed with tourists and it's worth it to get away to the less travelled towns. I would also recommend Naxos, Paros, Crete and even Sifnos - there are wonderful qualities to each of them. I'm not a big fan of Athens - and I love cities too - but it's worth a stop for the antiquities. My usual approach is to stay there a couple nights after I arrive before heading to the islands - because once you start to relax in the Cyclades, it's hard to contemplate returning to the big city again! :) Have fun!

marissa said...

I've been to both lisbon and greece. lisbon is a highly walkable city. definitely go to the brazilian section of the city - its got some fun bars at night. we also had a lovely meal at an argentinian restaurant - its family run, there's no menu, your only choice is beef and its in the brazilian section. not sure of the name but it should be listed in the guidebooks.

I went to athens and the islands with a good greek friend so I dont know the name of anything - she guided us. we had a lovely meal in athens by the harbor - otherwise athens was a little disappointing. cindym's recommendation of visiting the other islands is right on. we also hit paros and anteparos and mykonos (very touristy but very fun). the food was amazing - you just point to the seafood you want, and they grill it with lemon and olive oil. so simple, but perfect. every beach has its own taverna - the food was very good at all the ones we went to, you can just lounge and play backgammon, or just drink in the shade. hard to go wrong anywhere in the islands. just make sure you can drive stick if you're renting a car. the hills can be precarious.

Pepe said...

In Lisbon downtown, Restaurant Nilo is my fetish restaurant: