Thursday, September 27, 2007

Matcha Yogurt Cake

I've had a small can of matcha powder that Blue Lotus sent me ages ago when we decided to do a blog-by-mail sort of trade-off. I used a bit of it on tofu, but always wanted to bake with it and didn't have any good recipes. After seeing this yogurt-matcha cake, however, I knew I had a game plan.

I love yogurt cake regardless, and this marbled one seemed to be an elevated version. I used full-fat Greek yogurt for body and richness, and a good amount of the matcha powder to get a nice, strong tea flavor. In the end, I had some of the matcha batter left over so I made small madeline-like cakes with them.

The flavors combined very well, and it wasn't overly sweet which makes it perfect for breakfast with a nice cup of tea or coffee. I can't say my marbling technique produced the best results (the cake looks like a smiley face!) but it will be fun to practice and get better.

I'm looking forward to making more marbled cakes in the near future:).


Chubbypanda said...

Awesome! I love matcha. It's also good for smoothies. I usually add some into my morning blend of frozen blueberries and soy milk to double up on that delicious antioxidant action.

Leah Faust said...

This looks beautiful and delicious! I can almost taste it.

Anne said...

Faust: Thanks. Your designs are awesome, btw.

Dr.Gray said...

Looks good. I love marbled cakes. I just got some cooking matcha and have been looking for some recipes will have to try something like this.