Thursday, January 03, 2008

HAPPY 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh lordy, it's embarassing how long it's been since I last posted. I traveled a bit for the holidays (to see family and to spend New Year's in San Francisco) and now I'm literally having heart palpatations at work due to the enormous volume of things that need to get done now! Although I vow to post more in 2008, I have to keep this one short.

Since I never posted about my Christmas cookies, I'll put the photos up in this post. I made some soft gingerbread stars, dark chocolate and pistachio biscotti, apricot thumprints and spoon cookies- a recipe that I've been eyeing for over two years and that Molly actually blogged about so nicely that I feel I don't have to go into detail.....except to say please try to make these if you can. They are as delicious as she describes, and even better two or three days after you've made them.

Spoon cookies

So I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and here's looking forward to more good eating in 2008!

More to come, and thanks for being patient (insert cricket chirping sound here).


dealinhoz said...

Oneichan, your new name is Mrs. Fields. beautiful and tasty-looking food.

Anonymous said...

Those look and sound wonderful!

H. C. said...

They look delish (and I'm sure they taste that way too) -- what do I have to do to get on your cookie list next year? ;)