Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Tuna Toast Ten

This week, our noodle-slurping friend and amateur comedian Rameniac steps up to tackle the Tuna Toast Ten.

Name: Rickmond, AKA Rameniac
Occupation: Ramen eater
City, State of residence: Los Angeles, CA
Website/blog/thing you'd like to pimp: Rameniac

1. The best restaurant meal I've had recently was:

Just tonight, at Setagaya Ramen in the East Village, NYC. Or two nights ago, at Ippudo Ramen in the East Village, NYC. A toss up?! Find out soon at you-oughtta-know-where...

2. If money wasn't an issue, I'd want to eat at:

Money is never an issue. Not because I'm filthy rich in these dire times, but rather because my momma raised me right and taught me not to skimp on food. Although she probably wasn't thinking of Urasawa when she said that. With all that in mind, I'd still be eating $5 chicken pho at Hoan Kiem.

3. The food I eat most often is:

Bolthouse Farms Blueberry Smoothies... Monday - Fridays, four servings a day! (Ed note: Wow, who knew you were such a health nut!)

4. No great meal is complete without:

A drunken companion and an indiscriminate fumble resulting the droppage of some really small pieces of fabric. (Ed note: Hey hey! This is a family blog…..not sure what this means but it sounds dirty……!)

5. The best cheap eats in my neighborhood:

$5 chicken pho at Hoan Kiem.

6. There's no way in hell I'd ever eat:

Poo. Some people are into that, but no. That would be crossing a very firm line. (Ed note: I may have to re-phrase this question since I mean what FOOD wouldn’t you eat. But poo is a good answer I suppose…..and everyone reading would probably agree with you.)

7. My go-to dish I'd cook for guests is:

What is this "cooking" thing you speak of?

8. Man can't live on food alone, so my favorite libation is:

…..ever-changing like the fickle wind. Or whatever gets the job done.

9. My favorite guilty food pleasure is:

I don't feel guilty about much of anything. As a recovering Catholic, the guilt cortex has been permanently lobotomized from my brain.

10. My favorite food-related website/blog is:

Rameniac! I check it every day, in fact. Even when I don't post an update.

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