Monday, January 19, 2009

Pre-holiday Lunch at Boulevard

It was a cold, windy day by the water in San Francisco, two days before Christmas. J and I were hungry for something warm, and although we initially thought to grab something yummy at one of the many of the eateries in the Ferry Building, we deemed it too drafty and searched for something cozier. When we spotted the groups of business executives and well-dressed ladies-who-lunch at Boulevard, the famed SF fine dining establishment, we looked down at our casual clothes, shrugged, and decided to take a chance.

We were lucky enough to score one of the seats at the counter right in front of the ovens (talk about cozy!) and had one of the better lunch experiences in recent memory…..wait, make that better meal experiences. Everything from start to finish couldn’t have been more perfect and it was the best way for us to kick off the holidays.

As I warmed myself with the heat coming off the vintage ovens, we sipped on champagne and were handed menus, although from where we sat we could see all of the delicious-looking offerings. I was completely enthralled watching the line cooks put together the most mouthwatering cheeseburgers (clearly their most popular lunch item), juicy medallions of pork swimming in some rich looking sauce and piles of crispy frites. J and I decided to get a mixed green salad, the lobster and white bean appetizer and the Kobe cheeseburger and share it all.

Artificial Intelligence Salad

Lobster and white bean appetizer

The mixed greens were so perfect that it almost looked fake, and each, bright leaf was coated in just the right amount of fruity olive oil and good vinegar. The creaminess of the large, white beans complimented the rich lobster meat and we loved it, but we both knew that the burger would be our favorite.

OK- I mean, what’s NOT to like about this? We savored each bite and almost divvied up the fries one for one since they were insanely delicious and completely addictive. I still dream about them! As we sat there and finished every last crumb, I felt very festive, my face warm from the heat of the oven and the two glasses of champagne. You know when everything just falls into place? It was one of those meals.

I can’t wait to go back!

One Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94105
Telephone: 415 543 6084


Melissa Good Taste said...

That looked wonderful! Cute way to serve the fries too!

Jared said...

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