Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Non-Food Post:

But I doubt I will ever get a chance to see J, my other half, dress like this again. Long story short- the airline lost his band's luggage and they had to scramble to buy clothes for a show; he picked up this snazzy suit while shopping and decided to cruise around the festival wearing it, as a joke. Now he's on Vogue's website.

Reminds me of the Laughing Cow cheese commercial.....

Anyway, enjoy!

Photo: Amy Dickerson/Style.com

Read about it here:


matt said...

Please don't tell your husband this but OMG






For that matter don't tell my husband, either.

That's just too fierce.

Anjali said...

That's amazing! And I didn't know your husband is in The Mars Volta. Double amazing!!

Daily Gluttony said...

love, love, LOVE the outfit. i actually kinda want those gold leggings!

Christine said...

I've been reading your blog for over a year now and always wondered what band your husband played in. I'm glad you're opening up and sharing more on your blog!! :) Mars Volta, thats awesome! My friend used to play in a band with Ikey.

Allison said...

hahaha I LOVE this. Maybe he should start incorporating these new purchases into his daily style ; )

Anonymous said...

When Amtrak lost my luggage in Glenwood Hotsprings, I just got a trip to Walmart! Did not look so classy!

H. C. said...


I wish I can be that spontaneously fashionable ;) well, minus the whole lost luggage thing.