Friday, November 06, 2009

Boston, I Think I Love You

Boston, you're a lovely town. I'd never had the pleasure to visit you until last month, and what can I say, you had me the minute the cool, fall breeze blew through my hair.

You have rows of brownstones on tree-lined streets dotted with cute boutiques and coffee shops……….

And everything has an old-town, historical feel to it……….

A place where everybody knows your name……….

Fenway Park……………

You have B&G Oysters, where J and I sat down to glasses of prosecco and a plate of beautiful oysters of different varieties………..

And where I had my very first lobster roll, which was so rich that J and I shared. Oh, and those fries……..o m g………

Cute puppies (ok, not exclusive to Boston but when you see a dog this cute, you find ways to get him into your blog post, ya know?)

Mike's Pastry, where people stand in loooong lines just to buy one of your many flavors of delicious cannoli and other goodies………

and a lovely, nighttime skyline……………….

Other memorable things about Boston that I unfortunately didn't get photos of:

The Liberty Hotel: quite possibly one of the most gorgeous hotels I have ever had the pleasure of staying in. It used to be the Suffolk County Jail and some of the bars and exposed brick from that time still remain, but interwoven beautifully with the new architecture. I can't wait to stay there again.

Conversation I had in a clothing store:

Lady: "So, where ya girls from?"
Me: "Los Angeles"
Lady: "Oh yeah, so whaddaya do?
Me: "I'm in entertainment television"
Lady: "Ohhhhh, so ya workin' with that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz- they're shootin' up the street here ya know."
Me: "No, not here with them."
Lady: "Oh ok, so ya with that Matt Damon, he's from here, ya know."
Me: "No…not that either."

The North End area, basically their "Little Italy." There were so many amazing smells coming from the multiple Italian restaurants in the neighborhood, we couldn't figure out which to eat at.

My only regret about Boston is that it took me so many years to finally get there. I'm glad I did, and look forward to many more trips there.

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mint and orange said...

Hi! Long time follower, and Boston (suburb) native. Glad you made it to beantown - we're a very loyal city. Cheers!