Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dinner last night

Not too much to blog about today but I thought I'd post last night's dinner.

I had purchased some lovely shrimp at Mitsuwa Market about 2 weeks ago and stuck them in the freezer. I was ready to make some basil shrimp when my husband mentioned that he felt like eating Thai or Indian food. I just sort of made up a mixture of lite coconut milk, Thai red chili paste, lemon juice (since I had no limes), fish sauce, madras curry powder and chopped cilantro and marinated the little shrimpys. After a few minutes under the broiler, they came out plump and very tasty. I'll definitely use that mixture on other fish and meats- it had great flavor and cured those cravings.

On the side I made some garlic broccolini after having had some delicious garlic broccoli at my parents house last weekend (as an accompaniment to my mom's gyoza.....the BEST STUFF ON EARTH I TELL YOU!). I just sautéed a ton of garlic in a tiny bit of oil, added the broccolini and then added about 1 cup of chicken stock, put a lid on the pan and let it simmer/steam. Garlicky goodness, I tell you! We also had vegetarian stuffed mushrooms which I make often, some French bread with leftover lemon/parsley butter and some wheat berries. We polished it all off with some pino grigio and turned on the TV to watch the eagerly anticipated "Sons & Daughters" on ABC....which turned out to be pretty disappointing.

Oh well. At least dinner was good!



Hiller said...

I love the idea of sardines on toast like this. I am definiteoy going to try it out.

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