Friday, August 04, 2006

Black Mouth and Steak Tacos

Just a couple of quick things before the weekend.

Another coworker had a birthday this past weekend and I was in need of something easy since I was feeling sort of lazy. After looking through epicurious and not really finding anything that appealed to my laziness, I turned to Nic's bakingsheet, as I often do. I perused through her recipes and saw The One. Boca Negra, which means "black mouth" in Spanish, is not only easy to make, but it makes everyone think you slaved for hours to make such a beautiful and decadent creation! The ingredient list is a short one- bittersweet chocolate, butter, rum, sugar and eggs. Could it be any simpler (oh no- I sound like Chandler)?? You probably have those ingredients in your pantry now. Whiz it all in the food processor, pour into your cake pan, set that in a hot water bath inside your oven and exactly 30 minutes later, you're left with Chocolate Heaven. Deep, dark, Chocolate Nirvana. Lusciously rich Chocolate Insanity. Silk, seductive Chocolate Perfection. Gorgeously smooth Chocolate Adrien Brody. Oops. Well, you get the idea. Thank you Nic- not only for posting such a great recipe but for helping me discover the utter joy that is Boca Negra!

The next night, I had another solo dinner (of which I will have many since J leaves for tour on Sunday!). I had bought a couple of sirloin tip steaks awhile back at Marukai and stuck them in the freezer. I simply rubbed them with some garlic, cumin and onion salt and tossed them on the grill, then packed them into corn tortillas with onions, cilantro and a good dose of Tapatio. You know it was good because Tapatio makes everything taste better;)!!

Hope you all have a great weekend.


carlyn said...

Thanks for the boca negra sounds delicious!!!! The taco recipe sounds great, too. I enjoyed the link to the hot sauce!! I had never heard of it before, but then again I live in Connecticut for crying out loud!!!!!
I'm going to try both!!!!!

kirstendk said...

Hi PrettyPretty!

Your blog makes my mouth water - yummy food!!
The kitty's cute too..

Kirsten (a foodie from Denmark)

Tokyoastrogirl said...

Carlyn: That cake really is to die for;). Great for impressing friends.

Kirstendk: wow, Denmark. Thanks so much for reading!!

Erin S. said...

yum! that cake looks fab, and the foreign name helps make it sound even more impressive.

Colleen Cuisine said...

chocolate Adrian Brody... YUMMMMMM. but I digress. that recipe sounds great - I will have to try it. I have a 5 lb bag of Vahlrona that I can't figure out what to do with (besides eating the little chip pieces one by one). this'll help me use up a whole bunch of it!

Gustad said...

yummy. just found your blog. very nice!

J said...

hi, that recipe from baking with julia has got to be one of my all-time chocolate cake faves - thanks so much for reminding me i haven't baked it in a while ;)

Janice said...

Your Boca Negra looks so good! How long did it take you to finish it? I probably would have eaten the whole thing in one sitting! =D I never thought of using sirloin tips for tacos. Either way it seems you eat really well even if it's just for yourself!

Tokyoastrogirl said...

Erin: That cake is more like fudge- it's seriously rich. Probably great with some port but that isn't allowed at work. Bummer.

Colleen: Hope you try the recipe- it's well worth the calories.

Gustad: Welcome to Tuna Toast- hope you'll keep reading.

J: I'm embarrassed for you to see my foggy photos! You have the most amazing ones on yours. Truly gorgeous.

Janice: that cake is so easy- it takes about 40 minutes total. Thanks for visiting!

Molly said...

The boca negra looks fantastic, but what's really got me drooling are those grilled sirloin tacos! I'll take one right now, please! Beautiful.

lobstersquad said...

I like the takes no time, looks like you´ve slaved for hours. But if you say it´s the chocolate Adrien Brody, that cinches it. straight to the recipe folder it is.