Monday, August 21, 2006

More blogging excuses.....

or excuses for NOT blogging. With J on tour, the Emmys this Sunday and forgetting to take my camera to the few restaurants I've been to lately, it just hasn't been a good blogging period for me. I doubt you want to hear about my made-up supper of multigrain crackers topped with hummus, sliced tomatoes and red onions with a side of corn tossed with BBQ sauce!! Not exactly the uber gourmet, but again- since J is away, it's just easier to toss together some half-assed meal than to "cook" for one. Work has also been crazy busy with Awards Show Season kicking into full gear. But I can promise you something- Saturday I will be attending an event that will be VERY blog-worthy, so please keep checking back. I hope to take lots of great photos and can't wait to share my experience with you.

So thanks for being patient, and I hope you keep on reading!



R2K said...

: )

carlyn said...

...looking forward to the next blog......enjoy