Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Summer Blogging Blues and "LLOYD!!!"

I guess I don't really have the blues. But with friends in from out of town all last week and living solo since J is gone on tour, I just haven't been cooking much. Which means I don't have much to blog about. Or it means that everytime I've been out to eat, I've forgotten my beloved camera. I do want to apologize for the lack of posts and promise that I will try to get my butt back in the kitchen!

In the meantime, I wanted to share a photo that I took a work a couple of week's back. I work for a cable network and we had to find a guest co-host for one of our shows. Guess who came and did a fantastic job for us?! LLOYD!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you're an Entourage fan, you know exactly who I mean. Not only was Rex Lee (his real name) completely lacking in pretention, but he was as sweet, witty and funny as he is on the show. I asked him to make his signature dismayed look (the one he always uses on Ari whenever he gets insulted...which is always!) and he totally did. I cropped myself out of the photo but you can see a bit of my jacket.

Thanks Lloyd- you're my favorite "Gaysian!"


Santos said...

oh funny, i have been having "entourage" entourage sightings all over la, but no piven, no lloyd. still, it's a v. entouragey summer!

Luisa said...

Oh my GOD, I love LLLLOYD!!!! How great that you met him.