Monday, October 23, 2006

Dinner For One #6: The Quick & Easy

I'm solo once more as my dear J is somewhere on the East Coast, probably enjoying the change in seasons while we're all baking in the 90 degree weather out here. The smell of Autumn that was here just one week ago has been replaced by glaring sun, dry air and blue skies. Although blue skies are hardly worth complaining about, I must admit I miss the crispness in the air that Autumn is supposed to bring.

Since it's been so warm, I haven't been in much of a mood to cook anything too complicated. That said, I do enjoy the simple, thrown-together meals that I've had for the last few days. One of my all-time great loves in life is the flour tortilla. Yes, I do love the corn counterparts but I'm a sucker for the soft chew of the white, flour ones. If I have a package of those in the fridge, I know I can toss together a great little supper because tortillas pretty much go with everything.

I had quite a bit of grilled tuna leftover from a family dinner, so I decided to make a wrap. I just chopped the tuna roughly, tossed it with some leftover saffron rouille, also from the same meal. After adding some fresh arugula and sliced green onions, I wrapped it all up in a flour tortilla, added some wheat crackers to the plate and hunkered down on the sofa with my 2 minute meal (take that, Rachel Ray!!! And no, I can't link Rachel Ray to her site because I cannot, in any way, contribute to her).

Yummy 2-minute supper

The next night I found a lowly little avocado in the basket on my counter, so I decided to whip up a quesadilla- another favorite, quick meal of mine. Diced chicken, jack cheese, green onions and blackened corn all folded between two crisped flour tortillas topped with sliced avocado....what on earth could be better?!?! Dipped in some Embasa Salsa Mexicana (in a can, my friends- it is so good) it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Sometimes eating for one doesn't have to be complicated to be good. I have to say I enjoyed both of these meals just as much as I would have enjoyed a more time consuming dish.

I heart tortillas.


Anonymous said...

...this beats my "cheerios in a bowl for one" meal...tee hee...

Unknown said...

You have a new reader ^_^

Anne said...

Carlyn: well, sometimes a bowl of cereal for dinner is just the perfect thing, ya know?

Heroic: Glad you found TT and thanks for reading!