Thursday, November 11, 2010

5 Year Blog Anniversary!

Today marks five years since I first started Tuna Toast.  Wow.  Where did the time go?!  Back in 2005, I stumbled upon a NY-based food blog called The Amateur Gourmet, written by a then new-to-the-kitchen guy named Adam who is now quite big in the food media world and is no longer an amateur but quite an accomplished cook!  His honest and often hilarious stories of his foray into cooking really inspired me to start my own food blog, so on November 11, 2005, Tuna Toast (named after a dish made from a thick slice of bread topped with tuna salad and cheese, then broiled until toasty that is a staple at many cafés throughout Japan) was born.

I thought to commemorate this exciting (ok, maybe not so exciting!) day, I'd share with you a list of some of my favorite posts and defining moments of this humble blog, which is really just an outlet for my love of food and everything related to food.  My blogging experience has led me to many wonderful people- fellow bloggers, food writers, restaurateurs- and inspired me to challenge myself in the kitchen.  

Here's a little Tuna Toast history:

First post:

For some crazy reason I decided that I should make French macarons by hand AND enter the new world of food blogging in the same post.  Luckily, the confections came out fairly ok.

Meeting fellow Los Angeles food bloggers in 2007:

Back then, there weren't many of us, so Dylan of eat, drink & be merry and Jeni of Oishii Eats decided to get a few of us together to go eat dim sum.  Out of the group, quite a few of us are still blogging- including Daily Gluttony, who is now known as Rants & Craves, Eddie of Deep End Dining, Jonah of la.foodblogging, and of course Dylan and Jeni, who met shortly before this dim sum outing, fell in love, got married and became the toast of the L.A. food blogging community and very good friends of mine!  Many of us got together later that month for a potluck, and it was nice being part of the small community of food bloggers at the time.

Keeping track of things that came out of my kitchen:

Places that I've been fortunate enough to visit:
Great meals eaten in restaurants

Thanks for reading in spite of frequent breaks in blogging, and I hope to see you in another five years!


Chubbypanda said...

Congratulations! \\(^_^)//

Su-Lin said...

Congrats on 5 years! Those macarons of yours in the first post look great!

Marie said...


Daily Gluttony said...

Congrats on 5 years of delicious posts--definitely looking forward to many more! So honored to have you in my circle of old timers :)

allison said...

Wow, 5 years is a pretty impressive feat in the world of the Internet! Congratulations Anne! I love this blog and I always feel inspired to go cook something a little more complicated than my usual meals after I visit.

Anne said...

CP: Thank you! It's been awhile...glad to see you're still blogging too!

Su-Lin: Thank you. I was obsessed with macarons back then but now am kind of so-so on them. I think I prefer a regular ol' chocolate chip cookie anyday.

Marie: Thank you!

DG: You too! Glad we're still blogging. Seems that dim sum outing was so long ago (I guess it was!).

Allison: Thanks. It's been off/on and up/down but blogging keeps me connected to what I love: food and cooking!