Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guest Blog Post: The Secret Life of Twins, via "An American In Ireland"

Wow, unemployment sure is busy!  It's amazing how little time I seem to have these days to take photos of what I'm cooking.  I guess I'm also cooking a lot less since J is on the road, so I tend to eat the same things (chicken, Mexican doria which is a baked rice dish I just made up, egg whites, toast) so it isn't very interesting.

My sister recently wrote a post, "The Secret Life of Twins," about growing up as an identical twin, and since I'm the other half of that pair, I thought I'd feature her post here.  Her blog, An American in Ireland, chronicles her move to and life in Ireland as an expat and is filled with funny stories of culture shock mixed in with culinary adventures and lots of Irish slang that will leave you scratching your head.  Or noggin.  Is that what they say?

I'll be back with more food adventures shortly.


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