Monday, May 21, 2007

Forgotten dishes

I had meant to blog about the rest of the dishes I made for a family dinner the day after I posted about the main course, but I just plain forgot. I don't have much time for a proper post today, so I'll share what we ate in addition to the lasagna that evening.

As Ina Garten often recommends, I went to the Italian deli and bought my appetizers instead of trying to make five things by myself. I picked up some prosciutto di Parma, sopressata, bocconcini , sun dried tomatoes, bread sticks and a tub of seasoned, roasted bell peppers and simply arranged them to create an antipasto platter. I did spear the bocconcini with the sun dried tomatoes and a basil leaf but short of that, I didn't do much and it was fantastic.

To serve alongside the lasagna, I just roasted some asparagus with lemon zest, olive oil and sea salt. The beef carpaccio was made by freezing some filets, rubbing the outside of the steaks with salt & pepper, then searing them all over before sticking them back in the freezer. After about an hour, I just took them out and sliced them on my mandoline- it was so easy. Fanned around a pile of arugula crowned with parmesan and drizzled with some basil olive oil and capers, it was done.

For dessert I made Mario Batali's Meyer Lemon Semiffredo with a bluberry sauce the night before. It was light, lemony and delicious.

More cooking adventures later this week!


Food Marathon said...

Are there any openings in your family? Or can I buy a seat at family dinner perhaps?

Anonymous said...

OH YUMMMMMM.....per your last post...Just the thought of takoyaki has made me drool....LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Bill said...

You sure know how to entertain a person stomache! :-)

Anonymous said...

im loving that antipasto platter - it looks so beautiful and delicious! there's never a bad time for charcuterie, imo. by the way, i give you mad props for making own pasta for the lasagne! i haven't gotten around to making homemade pasta yet. honestly im bad with dough!

Anonymous said...

you been getting your cured meats on. that's hawt.

Anonymous said...

Which Italian deli did you go to? and btw, i really like all your posts...everything looks so yummy...

Anne said...

FM: I'll call you when something opens up;)

Carlyn: I love takoyaki too!!! With extra Kewpie;)

nhbilly: Thanks for your comment:)

Susan: Thanks! Handmade pasta is pretty easy but rolling it out that thin is kind of a pain. It will be awhile before I do that again.

Rameniac: You funny

Ayn: I went to the Italian Deli on Colorado Blvd in Eagle Rock. It's fantastic.