Friday, April 07, 2006's what's for dinner

No no, this isn't the beef but I didn't take enough steak photos so bear with me....and she is quite a beefy little thing, no?

When your formerly vegetarian husband instant messages (yeah, I think that's a verb now) you at work with "I feel like eating a steak for dinner," it's only natural to pack up your things, tear out of the parking lot and head for the nearest Trader Joe's to pick up two fat filets for the newly ordained carnivore (he's been eating meat for over a year but I still get excited when he's so blatant about it!). Although we initially toyed with the idea of going out to eat, I didn't feel like paying restaurant steak prices especially after doing taxes (the bane of my existence).

Before I knew it I was perusing the meat case at the Eagle Rock TJ's. I knew exactly what I wanted. It's funny- some days I find myself unable to come up with the food combination that will eventually make that night's meal. My brain goes batty with thoughts like, "Should I make broccolini with the salmon cakes? Wait....a salad? Oh- forget the salmon cakes, I'll get some nice salmon steaks. Oh wait....I have shrimp in the freezer...but I feel like chicken" and so on. But not last night. I went into the store with the focus of a Jedi Knight. I deftly moved through the narrow aisles and grabbed one bag of haricot verts, a bag of small yellow potatoes and a bag of (I know- a bag of this and a bag that but how else am I supposed to say 'bag'???) of baby spring greens. Next I picked up a pack of two perfectly plump Angus Beef filets, one cab and one zin. I was in and out in 15 minutes- a proud moment for the normally hour-long supermarket lurker.

The minute I got home I started boiling the water for the potatoes, put the haricot verts in the microwave (don't cringe- they come out perfectly crisp/tender this way) and heated a touch of butter in my pan for the filets. It was all coming together. After searing the filets and getting that lovely crust, I popped them in the oven for a minute more while I finished off the vegetables in a small pan with another wee pat of butter, sea salt and black pepper. I almost got smoke inhalation though, when I poured the red wine in my still blazin' hot pan to deglaze and create a wine reduction- I simply didn't pour enough at first so it started fizzing and splattering like mad while the kitchen filled with winey smoke. I quickly recovered with a splash of beef stock (phew) and the whole meal was complete. I considered stacking it all à la Alfred Portale of Gotham Bar & Grill fame, but I did want it to be functional so I decided against it.


The filet was medium rare and was just SOOOO GOOD. Sometimes nothin' beats a nice piece of meat- especially when the entire steak dinner comes in at under $10 a person!

Just another gratuitous steak photo.....

Happy Friday!



Marie said...

hi, i'm a new reader that checks your site, but never felt so compelled to comment as i did with this post!

oh my God, i can totally relate. my bf has started eating some meat here and there, but he mainly eats veggie or seafood meals. it's heartening to hear about other "mixed" couples (or in your case, formerly :P) out there.

Colleen Cuisine said...

Cute kitty! Does she get the leftovers?

My husband loves to feed steak to our cats, and not surprisingly, they go crazy for it.

e d b m said...

Another gratuitous steak photo? Please shoot more. The steak looks supergood and i like that you added about 400% more sauce than needed haha. i'm new to your blog and love your 'tuna toast' name. does that actually exist? it sounds as unique as say chocolate mushrooms.

Anonymous said...

Gosh....Looks like a restaurant meal!!! You are truly talented. It all looks delicious@@!!!$$$## Cat is beautiful!!!

Anne said...

Marie: Welcome! I understand your pain. Even after my husband started eating meat, he would usually still opt for the fish option. A couple of good steaks changed that, but we still eat red meat about once every two weeks or so.

Colleen: Thanks! Cory doesn't seem to like any people food except for crunchy salty things like Sun Chips and osenbe. Weird.

Eat:Do I have too much sauce on there? It was actually about 2 TBS total but hey- I guess I like my red wine reduction;). Tuna Toast is a dish at many coffee shops in Japan- a thick slice of toast topped with tuna salad, a bit of cheese and broiled. Thanks for checking out the site.

Carlyn: Do you cook or have a blog? I'd love to check it out, and thanks for reading.

e d b m said...

TAG, no no extra sauce is always good. Perfect, I'm actually going to Japan at the end of the month so I'm gonna try the Tuna Toast. I might have to use you and Oishiieats for food recommendations in Tokyo/Osaka. I'm adding you to my blogroll if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't have a blog, but I love to cook....My grandmother in Japan was my best friend and I stood at her side every day and watched her cook. Her food was amazing.. I miss her, her food and the fun we used to have